Preparation & storage of raw

Storing raw is straightforward – all you need is some freezer space. However, the tricky part is the quantity you need for mealtime and the prior thawing process need before feeding.

First things first;

Keep raw food frozen, until ready to thaw and serve. The thawing process varies, it is best to leave raw food thaw in a refrigerated unit and to use within 2 days. Sometimes we need to speed up the process, in this case leave the raw food in a suitable container, in a cool dry place – ensure after thawing to use it straight away or return to the fridge and use it within 24 hours.

Storing Raw Necessity

Raw Necessity currently comes in 1kg boxes. For medium breed dogs breaking this down and using it can be an easy process. One 1kg box can feed a 20kg dog for 2 days (refer to ‘Feeding Guidelines’ under the Raw Instructions tab on the website), therefore, not requiring portioning of the raw food just straightforward thawing and feeding.  

For small breed dogs there are a few extra steps required. On the day of receiving your delivery, or purchasing your raw instore, leave it to thaw around the edges, once it softens enough to allow the meat to break apart, separate the required feeding portions (portions are dependent on the weight of your dog – see our ‘Feeding Guidelines’ under the Raw Instructions tab on the website). Place these separated portions into freeze-proof, air-tight containers and store in a freezer until ready to use. The same thawing process described above applies to these separated portions.  

Note: The feeding guidelines provided are generalised. Monitor your pets body condition to determine if you need to increase or decrease the amount of raw food required. Feeding percentages may also need to be increased/decreased depending on activity level, metabolism and other known health conditions.

Important: Wash hands, utensils and preparation area with hot soapy water, after handling raw food and packaging.

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